Career Shaping

We love helping musicians advance their careers. There are so many avenues an indie artist can pursue (licensing, fan-funding, touring, merchandise, house concerts, streaming ...). We help define goals and develop strategies to reach them. Project by project.

Publishing Admin

A large percent of music royalties never reach their rightful owner. We can help register your songs, and with the help of our partners, increase their visibility and collect royalties from around the world to make sure they end up in your hands.

Song Placements

We pitch songs for film, TV and ad placements. If you have outstanding, fully mastered songs, we'd love to hear them.

Label Services

Want more time to create? No problem! Not all indie artists want to spend the amount of time it takes on the business side to develop and run a successful career. We can help assess your needs and provide a variety of support services labels have traditionally provided.